Camden History Notes

Some stories of place

Camden NSW

All places have interesting stories to tell. You just need to find a good storyteller. A local sage.

Stories are a snapshot from the community album of memories. A glimpse of  the big picture. A small piece of the jigsaw.

Stories make a place interesting. They give it character and what makes it special.

Stories are the basis of community identity and a sense of place. It is who they are.

Lots of interesting stories stay hidden and are never told to the world. Understanding a place means understanding its stories.

Stories contribute to the  landscape of a place. The landscape is constructed from the stories of place.

The Camden story is one of these stories. It is about the district’s  people,  its history, its heritage, its traditions, its rituals, its celebrations, its conventions by sharing memories,  and special events from the past.

Camden stories are drawn from the memories and experiences of local families, local identities, community organisations, local institutions, local rituals and traditions, and a host of other matters.

The Camden story has links to other parts of the world (transnational factors) and  is part of the movement of peoples, ideas, technologies and institutions across national boundaries, from across continents.

The Camden story is the area’s natural and cultural heritage, as well as tangible and intangible factors.

The Camden History Notes blog will share these stories.

Ian Willis@University of Wollongong


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